why do parents always want to talk to you or hang out with you?!?!?! do they like purposely do it?!?!?!?! like wtf, i just want my own personal space without my mom nagging me to do something or go somewhere. like i decided to stay home today to do homework and she wants me to go out and run errands but when i want to go out with my friends or something shes a bitch and says no or when she does say yes i have to be home at 9 or she continuously texts me throughout the night asking when im getting home, who im with, where i am. LIKE WTH  IM AT THE SAME PLACE WITH THE SAME PEOPLE AND GETTING HOME WHEN YOU ALREADY SET MY CURFEW!!!! ugh i just wish that i could already live on my own!!!:D but its just one year away THANK GOD!!!!