UGH!!! taking the SAT in TWO DAYS!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

NOT!!! ugh i am so scared that i won’t get a high enough score. there are so many things riding on this one test. you have your entire scholarship, what college will except you, and if thats not enough my mom has added a few more!! LUCKY MEEEEE!! ugh dont parents understand that we do understand how important it is and how if we do not do well we probably won’t get a high enough education?!?! like seriously why cant parents just back off and leave us the FUCK alone!!!! i mean yes i understand that they want us to do well in life and that really starts off with going to a great college or university. Gosh and why do i suck a taking tests i mean i understand everything its just sitting in a classroom for like 3 hours and 45 min just BORES ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like seriously is the freakin test long enough?!?! gosh!! well i guess its better than the ACT which is a whole hour longer…lucky me again im taking that too!!! i meant like why do colleges need this one test to decide if they are going to accept you. What if there is a person out there that has like a 4.6 GPA but gets a 1300 on the SAT, why punish her for the fact that shes a bad test taker or she just did bad on that one test, yes i do know that you can take the test more than once. UGH ALL IM SAYING IS THAT I THINK THE SAT SHOULD TOTALLY NOT EXIST!! its just a bunch of old white guys that had nothing better to do than torture or ruin some kids life!!! if it were up to me i would not have the test just like in Canada they dont have the test and they seem to be doing just fine!!!


If anyone can help me with SAT please leave a comment or something!!! I need to raise my score by like 1000!!!!